Disegno Online Catalog of Products Coming Soon!

HTA Products proudly offers Disegno brand products in our store.

At the present time, these products are not included on our web site for online shopping.

Contact a HTA Products sales associate at or visit one of our locations for additional information on our in store selection of Disegno products.

Aquadesign Inc. is a leading importer and national distributor of decorative plumbing products for the Canadian Market headquartered in the beautiful city of Vaughan, Ontario. Aquadesign is the proud exclusive distributor of distinguished premium brands such as Disegno, Zucchetti, KOS, Maier, Mountain Plumbing, Sonia and it’s own line of Disegno steam units. Aquadesign’s products are sourced in Italy, Spain, USA and Canada and they bring Canadians superior design and quality with excellent value. Consumers may purchase our products at luxury bath and kitchen showrooms across Canada. We pride ourselves on our service and timely fill rate for stock as well as custom orders. Dealers, builders, architects and designers can contact Aquadesign directly for product information and specifications and for complete packages on your next project.